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You still have fair chance of winning posh Ferrari!
2021-09-13 13:46:00

InstaForex is always pleased to brighten up trading routine of its clients with awesome prizes. The mega campaign with a Ferrari F8 Tributo as the main prize has been going on for two years. You got it right! We raffle a genuine race car from the legendary Italian manufacturer!

This dream may come true for any active InstaForex trader. The campaign term is December 9, 2022. So, everyone has a fair chance!

What should you do? Just make some simple steps.

  1. Open one or a few accounts during the campaign’s term from 09.12.2010 until 09.12.2022.
  2. Make sure that you replenish your deposit with an overall amount of over $1,000 during the campaign’s term. Calculate it by the formula: A - B + C > $1,000 where A is the amount of all your credits from December 9, 2019, B is the amount of all your withdrawals from December 9, 2019, C is your trading result.
  3. Keep on trading actively the following currency pairs: EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDJPY, USDCHF, and USDCAD.
  4. Be patient and wait for the announcement.

The prize draw as such and the announcement of the winner will be fully transparent and freely available. The lucky trader will receive the car in a prize-giving ceremony. The photos as well as comments from the winner and InstaForex representatives will be posted on the official website and on social media.

More than 700K traders have already signed up for the campaign. So, you are running out of time! This is a realistic chance of winning the car of your dreams!

Those participants whose deposit will be the largest at the moment of the scores evaluation have the highest chances. Importantly, please fulfil all the conditions which are available on the appropriate webpage. Follow the link and read everything carefully.

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