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InstaForex becomes general sponsor of ShowFx World webinar
2021-04-28 13:34:00

InstaForex is a general sponsor of the first ShowFx World global webinar

InstaForex became the general sponsor of the first ShowFx World global webinar. The webinar was held on April 8 among pre-registered participants from all over the world. Notably, 780 people from Australia, Canada, South Africa, Slovenia, Malaysia, Singapore, Sri Lanka, the United States, and other countries took part in this unique event.

Such a keen interest is not surprising. The ShowFx World brand is truly legendary. During the 12 years of its existence, numerous exhibitions on forex investments and other markets have been organized in more than 20 countries around the world. The year 2020 was a real challenge for people who were responsible for the organization. In fact, even the idea of arranging exhibitions in the midst of a pandemic seemed unrealistic. After much thought, the format of the event had been changed: meetings in the exhibition halls had been transformed into webinars that took place every two weeks.

The first global webinar turned out to be a great success! The chosen format exceeded expectations. Almost all the strongest forex experts in Malaysia, such as Tusvendran Pillay, Mohd Zulkifli Mohd Din, Gero Azrul, and many others, participated in ShowFx World webinars, which gathered hundreds and even thousands of people.

Karen Fu, a well-known video blogger in the world of Forex, volunteered to hold the first global webinar. She has almost 150,000 subscribers on YouTube and her most popular video is approaching 500,000 views.

Karen chose a very vital topic – the mindset of a trader. She emphasizes that it is the mentality, not the difference in experience and knowledge that distinguishes a professional trader from an amateur one.

During her speech, the webinar chat turned into a meeting of like-minded people. There were a lot of interesting questions, sharp discussions, and unexpected solutions. Only at the ShowFx World webinar, traders could receive such a memorable experience! This is what makes the ShowFx World webinar unique and distinctive!

The two-hour webinar sponsored by InstaForex did not turn into a long-winded talk. On the contrary, participants lost the track of time, listening with vivid interest. The webinar helped erase the gap in the mindset of professional and novice traders from all over the world. After a final discussion, InstaForex organized a blitz quiz with questions and answers, as well as valuable prizes: from special bonuses to a Huawei tablet.

The organizers received many rave reviews. It was a great honor for the InstaForex team to be a part of the grand event. We were grateful for the opportunity to once again tell traders from all over the world about our products.

If you are ready to discover the new sides of the exciting world of trading and join the global trading community, register for the upcoming ShowFx World webinars!